Wednesday, February 24, 2010

phorm profiling :: jan manton art

Phorm Profiing: Jan Manton Art

Centrally located in the cultural hub of Brisbane’s South Bank Precinct, Jan Manton Art neighbors the Queensland Art Gallery and the Gallery of Modern Art. Since opening in 2004, Jan Manton Art has exhibited leading and contemporary artists from Australia and overseas, like US based artist, Stuart Allen, who’s stunning photographic works feature in our Kangaroo Point Apartment project.

What sets Jan Manton gallery apart from it’s competitors in Brisbane?

My gallery shows leading Australian and international artists, with a particular leaning toward Asian art. The market for Asian art is particular strong and I have many clients who are collecting Asian artists along side Australian art. Dadang Christanto and Heri Dono are two Indonesian artists who show regularly at my gallery as well as internationally. Their work is collected by private collectors here and overseas as well as galleries such as Queensland Art Gallery, Art Gallery of New South Wales and National Gallery in Canberra.

What would a typical day involve?

There is no such thing as a typical day as a Gallery Director. It can vary from taking a new consignment of works, to talking about art to a group of art students or showing visiting curators from interstate or overseas new works by one of my artists.

How international is your career?

My client list includes private collectors from Australia and overseas, with a focus on Asian art. I am building a strong client base in Indonesia, Hong Kong and Singapore as well as Dubai and even the US. Using the website, collectors are able to view and purchase on-line. I arrange transport and shipping and it make it a convenient way to buy art for overseas buyers, or even interstate buyers for that matter.

What percentage of your exhibited works are local Queensland artists?

I am a strong supporter of Queensland artists with half the artists I represent being from here. I have artists from Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns. Their work reflects the area they come from. For instance, works by the Cairns based artist Sam Tupou reflect his Samoan heritage and the relaxed and colourful life of living in Far North Queensland. Another artist from that region is Daniel Wallwork who creates slick sculptural works that reflect the highly polished duco surfaces of cars panels and the pin-strip details of big-rigs and car couture. Queensland has outstanding artists and I am proud to promote their work interstate and overseas.

(Phorm Interiors are currently commissioning works by Daniel Wallwork for an exciting upcoming project - STAY TUNED!)

How do you keep your mind and gallery fresh?

The wonderful thing about owning a gallery is the opportunity work with creative people. It is their creative energy that keeps me fresh of mind and makes the gallery an interesting place to visit. I enjoy sharing the creative process and seeing a work develop from concept to reality. It is what keeps me in this business.

What about your own art career?

I am a frustrated artist, who realized long ago, that I would never make it as an artist. The next best thing was to sell art, not make it!!

Jan Manton Art

Phone +61 7 3844 0043

Address 59 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane QLD .au

Monday, February 22, 2010

the melbourne eat-around...

Thought i would share some of my favourite places to eat and absorb (from a recent trip) the Melbourne atmosphere.
Cutler and Co. ::great drinks and amazing food at Gertrude Street (and what a fitout).
The Melbourne Wine Room... i have been a regular diner for years now, and i have had some of the best food and wine of my life there.
The European is hybrid creation of European tastes and wines from all over ::interiors evoking old European traditions of style.
For those addicted to cupcakes...Little Cupcakes in Goldsbrough laneway. (::city) You will die and go to 'cc' heaven.
Industrial chic meets bakery heaven @ St. Kilda's Il Fornaio, great coffee and food.
Last but most certainly not least...The Melbourne Supper Club (161 Spring Street, City):: a visit to Melbourne without a drink (in particular on new roof terrace) is a crime.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

mangas by patricia urquiola

I was floored (excuse the pun) by the strong colour and character of the Mangas floor rug range by Patricia Urquiola . On a recent visit to Melbourne's Hub Furniture this rug stopped me in my tracks. I hope you like it too...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

ask phorm interiors: furniture layout...

When considering where to put what in a room, depending on the rooms purpose of course, what are the golden rules? You have to know the rules in order to break them, right?
Claire, Brisbane QLD

Hi Claire
Thanks for your great question.
Figuring out where to place your furniture is a bit like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle. Preparation is the key as it avoids you moving and dragging heavy furniture around around the room.
Create a scaled drawing of the room and then scaled cut-outs of the furniture you wish to place.
To make it easier, here are 4 rules that we follow when laying out a living area.
1. Create a U-Shaped Conversation Space
When arranging seating, a U-shaped conversation area is ideal. A matching pair of chairs will easily establish a comfortable U-shaped configuration that allows everyone who is seated to face everyone else.
2. Focus Attention to One Area
Almost every room has at least one natural focal point. If you have a fireplace or a window with a stunning view, that will be it. Whatever the focal point of your room, be sure you arrange your furniture to take advantage of it - since everyones eyes will naturally be drawn to it!
3. Think in Pairs
To create a great looking room, think in pairs. If you have a good piece without a mate, find it a partner.
4. Group Furniture Wisely
When you walk around your home, are you comfortable, or do you feel as if you are trying to navigate an obstacle course? Always try to configure seating so that someone 'passing through' can easily get to where they are going without interrupting the entire room.

Now that you know the rules, feel free to break them!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

happy birthday kristy...

Happy Birthday Kristy (Phorm Interiors - No. 1 design assistant)
We hope you are having an amazing time in Japan and can't wait to hear all about your trip upon your return.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

jane's tokyo blog...white strawberries 'what'

Our friend Jane's Tokyo Blog features some amazing tidbits from this amazing city.
For me $200 AUD for 15 white (yes white) strawberries is amazing for a couple of unique reasons...the price and did she say white strawberries.

Monday, February 8, 2010

phorm interiors 'best practice' commercial fitouts

Phorm Interiors (Brisbane Interior Designers) were recently contacted by Westfield, Sydney to see if selected images of our commercial projects could be used in a 'best practice' shop fitout presentation for potential new Westfield store owners.
This request was met with an excited and delighted...'you betcha.
I love it when our work is recognised as a design with commercial quality.

Friday, February 5, 2010

phorm interiors cape cod drawings - lovely

I wanted to show you our latest drawings (children's bathroom) for a Cape Cod inspired home we are currently working on in Brisbane's (.au) Southside.
These drawings give such a great insight into how the room will look.
The client is thrilled...Steven

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

today i would rather be...

New friends shared their love of Warwick Ibah Luxury Villas and Spa in Ubud, Bali. Their recent Christmas break spent there, completely washed away the day to day stress and helped them relax and recharge in 5 star style. Today I would rather be there than here (working)...I hope you enjoy.