Tuesday, December 18, 2007

more PHORM work...

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

bert stern, marilyn monroe, 1962

“Marilyn Monroe agreed to pose nude for Vogue, with no make-up on her body, as long as the session could take place in LA. Rather than work in a studio, Stern decided to take a suite (No. 261) at the Bel-Air Hotel, Monroe had not been photographed in the nude since the Tom Kelley calendar pix. “I waited for her like a lover, like a bridegroom before his wedding, pacing the floor checking the ice in the Dom Pérignon 1953 vintage champagne, spraying the suite with Chanel No. 5.” Monroe arrived with Vicky, her hairdresser, five hours late. For 12 hours Stern snapped away, draping Monroe with necklaces, veils and two large roses, supplied by Vogue.
The Crucifix, one of the photos that Monroe hated and put a red pen through in the form of a thick cross. After the shooting, Marilyn Monroe rejected herself some of the pictures, marking them with a red pen (not lipstick), directly on the film.
“She hated the scar on her midriff from a recent gall-bladder operation, I told her it was beautiful. She was at a time in her life when she needed to re-invent herself, I think that’s why she accepted to pose for me, she drank gallons of Dom Pérignon, got drunk and fell asleep.” (Bert Stern)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

deck the halls...

As we all prepare for our favorite time of the year - Christmas holidays - I thought I would show you the amazing Christmas decorations at the Bilmore Hotel in Asheville, North Carolina.
Cathy Barhardt is the designer behind this stunning display. Ian

Sunday, December 9, 2007

more PHORM interiors work'

Saturday, December 8, 2007

whos your sugar daddy...

Today I recieved a fantastic surprise birthday present from my family and friends.
A painting by up and coming artist Daniel Brinsmead.

'My work examines human nature in relation to contemporary culture. I like to question the way we think, feel, and behave and explore how we act and react to our social and physical environments. My work also refers to other elements that have affected us such as historical events, cultural icons, and general presentations of popular culture. These investigations are then expressed through my own visual language giving a different angle or perspective on ourselves and the world around us. Ideals and beliefs systems that we are taught to live by are re-presented in a different light, questioning their validity.'
Daniel Brinsmead

Thankyou Steven, Mum, Dad. Julieann, Scott, Zachary, Joy, Keith, Kym, Cameron, Hadyn, Abby, Claire, Micheal, Olive, Louis & Penny for a wonderful birthday.

pools of light

One of the great things about summer is an evening pool party.
Lighten things up a little with these sexy, funky, waterproof pool lamps from metalarte.
The rechargeable lamps are moulded from tough, waterproof polyethylene.
I have just found something else to add to my Xmas wish list…
Happy Saturday, Steven

spatial and spiritual solutions

Whoever said that reading was a religious experience was right, especially when taking a visit to Selexyz Dominicanen in Maastricht, Netherlands.

It was always going to be a challenging task for Amsterdam based architects Merkx + Girod who designed the space, to stay true to the original character and charm of the church, whilst also achieving a desirable amount of commercial space. Taking advantage of the massive ceiling, both have been achieved through the construction of a multi-storey steel structure which houses the majority of the books. This is one giant bookshelf, with stairs and elevators taking shoppers and visitors alike, up to the heavens (mind the pun), to roof of the church.

By Brendan Mc Knight

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

in bronze

I just thought I would show you some stunning images of Krista Berga's latest bronze scuplture, located in the new Burley Katon Halliday project - Republic.
Krista Berga's works on paper were listed on Steven's 'Christmas Wish List'.
Republic is a residential development on Palmer Street in East Sydney and features a food, dining and retail forecourt. We recently had dinner there at Christine Manfield's Universal Restaurant, where Krista's spectacular bronze is a major feature.

Also, while talking all things Burley Katon Halliday - BKH by David Clarke and Catherine Martin has been released just in time for the perfect Christmas gift.
This stunning book is in black hardcover with black edged pages features images of over 60 projects photographed by Sharrin Rees, who has been documenting their work since the beginning.
The book is available online through one of my favorite resources, Published Art Bookshop.Ian

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

just the ticket...'a wish'

Just the ticket for today's brash, 'ME ME ME' and cynical society is this tiny, little ticket that stops time whilst you make a wish for whatever you want.
Scarlet Jones is a great store in East Malvern, Victoria who stock these wonderful 'wish tickets'. Steven (my wish...mobile phones banned forever and ‘Dynasty’ back on cable TV where it belongs)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

transforming room divider

The right room divider can transform a sprawling open space by creating intimacy and adding dimension. Nola Star takes the concept a couple steps further with customizable patterns that also let in light. This flexibility means Nola Star can be configured to nearly any space—whether mid-room, as a wall covering, in a window, or simply as an accent element—and it can fold out of the way if needed.

‘couture’ interiors by frank roop

Frank Roop (one of my favourite interior artists), believes in creating original environments that are ‘couture’. To achieve this it is essential that the ingredients that go into the projects are unique; almost all of the furniture and furnishings he uses are either antique or of his own exclusive design. He travels to France about three times a year to find antique and vintage furnishings specifically for his clients. It is very important to him that his client’s home reflects their personality and how they want to live while being sophisticated in taste. I hope you enjoy...regards, Steven

shoe worlds collide...

The latest unexpected fashion pairing comes from Finland’s 56-year-old design powerhouse, Marimekko, and the King of Shoes, Manolo Blahnik.

Apparently, Blahnik had decided to base his latest collection on the wonderful architectural lines he saw in Hagia Sophia, Turkey. He then came upon some Marimekko fabrics in a little shop in Bath, England. According to Blahnik, “the two just happened to fall perfectly into place — as bizarre as that combination may sound.” To wear these fusions of Turkish architecture and Finnish protest we will need to wait until January 2008 when they will be available in Blahnik stores in London and New York. Story by Tuija Seipell

Saturday, November 24, 2007

ian's wish list - 31 days to xmas

Here are three things I hope appear in MY Christmas stocking...

'Le Bambole' from B&B Italia is the ultimate 'chill out' sofa. This re-issue of an original 70's design is my favorite product for 2007! B&B Italia is available in Australia through Space Furniture.

Dello Mano brownies are handcrafted in Brisbane from the finest ingredients.
They are hand delivered (in stunning packaging) and are available online at www.dellomano.com.au
Thanks Deborah and Bien for a great product and service!

A tailor made single button black linen cocktail jacket from Brisbane’s The Cloakroom .
A big thanks to Josh at The Cloakroom for making shopping so effortless!

steven's wish list - 31 days til xmas

here are 3 items that would make for an impressive ( and rather large) christmas stocking...well it would impress me

I WANT A MINI Clubman...but preferably in BLACK.

The Fortuny Lamp (designed by Mariano Fortuny in 1907) is like modern sculpture. It is possibly the most recognised piece of iconic lighting. It is available in Australia through Poliform.

and now some art...from Krista Berga