Saturday, December 8, 2007

whos your sugar daddy...

Today I recieved a fantastic surprise birthday present from my family and friends.
A painting by up and coming artist Daniel Brinsmead.

'My work examines human nature in relation to contemporary culture. I like to question the way we think, feel, and behave and explore how we act and react to our social and physical environments. My work also refers to other elements that have affected us such as historical events, cultural icons, and general presentations of popular culture. These investigations are then expressed through my own visual language giving a different angle or perspective on ourselves and the world around us. Ideals and beliefs systems that we are taught to live by are re-presented in a different light, questioning their validity.'
Daniel Brinsmead

Thankyou Steven, Mum, Dad. Julieann, Scott, Zachary, Joy, Keith, Kym, Cameron, Hadyn, Abby, Claire, Micheal, Olive, Louis & Penny for a wonderful birthday.

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