Saturday, July 31, 2010

phorm interiors latest project :: balmoral residence

The design of this inner city family home is about lifestyle...
The space is large, bright, refined and modern.
Huge custom sofas sit perfectly positioned in breezeways, a bespoke fireplace opens to reveal a home entertainment system. The decorative elements rely on the subtle differences in natural texture : dark timber flooring; woven sisal; natural linen; teak and Calacatta marble.
Artworks by Judith Wright (Between - 2007) and Jonathan Kimberley (Not My Garden: Map of Unlandscape - 2007) add depth to the monochromatic scheme.
'Deliberately minimising the palette of colours and materials ensures that the architectural features sit strong within the scheme' says Steven Stewart of Phorm Interiors.
This is evident in the stunning staircase - stepped in recycled teak; the 2097 Suspension Light (Gino Sarfatti - Flos) & custom lacquered wall panelling.
The overall outcome is relaxed and contemplative - an interior that links large rectangular spaces together, connecting the interior to the exterior.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

phorm interiors :: welcomes charlotte and mark

Phorm Interiors welcomes Charlotte Russell (Interior Designer) and Mark Nucifora (Design Assistant) to our team.

Who or what has influenced your style?
Charlotte Russell: Elements of Japanese and Danish design have definitely been great influences in my style. The simple, clean lines and use of textures and timber are what I gravitate towards. I enjoy including these elements in any design.
Mark Nucifora: I have been influenced by a number of trends and styles; such as :- European styles (French glamour and Italian rustic). I also enjoy urban and industrial design and styles from Melbourne .au and New York.

What designer of the past and present do you admire most?
CR: Past - Frank Lloyd Wright (Fallingwater house) Present - New Zealand Architects, Daniel Marshall and Fearon Hay
MN: Past - Frank Lloyd Wright and Achille Castiglioni Present Philippe Starck and Marcel Wanders (oh :: also the work of Phorm Interiors)

What are you excited about right now in the world of design?
CR: The move away from strict minimalism. I still enjoy seeing simple, clean spaces but I like it when they have a sense of being 'lived in' and include a range of eclectic textures.
MN: New pieces from Milan Furniture Fair :: Working with new 'Eco Friendly' materials :: Melbourne Indesign

phorm interiors studio 'pod'...a sneak peek

Currently, we (Phorm Interiors) work out of a tiny, character filled cottage in a Brisbane .au inner city suburb. Our intention was always to locate (and work with) an architectural firm that could deliver a pod/extension design that somehow extracted elements of the original cottage in a modern and sustainable manner. Atelier Chen Hung have delivered. More images and plans to us grow!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

introducing :: atelier chen hung

An emerging architectural and urban design practice, Atelier Chen Hung, was established by Melody Chen & James Hung.
Located in Brisbane, Australia, the talented duo have been influenced by the regional movement and their work continues to seek interpretation of place and locality in a new perspective.

What are the main determinants in the design process for you?

James Hung: The inspiration of the project always comes from the client's vision and their brief, and we go through the process of trying to extract/re-interpret this information to develop ideas.
Melody Chen: Every project has its specifics that we try to identify at the beginning. The specifics may be about the user, the site, the surrounding neighbourhood, or the planning codes. These bits and pieces of information then become generators of a core idea in the design process. It's like assembling jigsaw puzzles, except there is no preconceived final picture.

Do you think that architecture tends to be trendy today?

MC: Architecture, like other products of creativity, brilliant ideas are recognised and inevitably copied. Out designs are not trend driven, but we are open to influences from other fields, such as art and fashion.
JH: I think we like to be relevant, rather than following trends. Architecture that responds to certain conditions of a place and time is the type of architecture we want to make.
Do you think that architecture still has a role to play in finding a solution to low cost housing?
MC: Definitely, in fact more than ever. Australia is experiencing significant demographic changes and it's important that the built up environment responds to that. Architects' input in national housing counts around 3%. Its going to be an enormous task for new generations of architects to re-engage themselves in the design of mass housing in Australia.
JH: It's been difficult to get the message out to the general public that the cost of a house should include its' life cycle costs, such as energy consumption and maintenance. And the fact that Australian houses are one of the largest in the world in terms of floor area and really adds up to th cost of building each dwelling. It will be a challenge to convince the market that a reduced floor area with well designed spaces is actually a better living environment.
MC: Architects have been exploring alternative housing solutions, like pre-fabricated dwellings, kit homes and modified cargo containers for living. These will challenge peoples preconception of what a house is and looks like.

Is energy conservation still an important factor in your work? Do you think that people are still trained to respond to that?

MC: Absolutely! Thinking about energy efficiency has become second nature in our design process.
JH: By placing the building in the right orientation on site that opens up to sunlight and breeze, protected from harsh afternoon sun and cold winter winds, these are simple consideration that have always been embedded in the architectural education. A good design could have significant savings on the energy usage of cooling and heating for the lifetime of the building.

Monday, July 26, 2010

men @ work

'Whatever it takes'...that's our moto @ Phorm Interiors.
Recently disappointed by booked cleaners, it was all hands on deck (even Ian) to get a recently completed, stage one of Phorm Interiors latest project ready for our clients return from their overseas holiday.
This may be the only snap (ever) of Ian that sees him holding a cleaning device.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

singapore's best views...

The Sands 'SkyPark' is an architectural masterpiece sitting on top of 3 hotel towers at Marina Bay Sands.
This 1.2 hectare tropical oasis is longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall and is large enough to park four and a half A380 Jumbo jets on. It extends to form one of the worlds largest public cantilevers.

Monday, July 19, 2010

display suite :: done to perfection

Hecker, Phelan and Guthrie (HP&G) iconic Australian designers, bring yet another impeccable project to the Melbourne CBD.
The Garden House, is situated opposite Melbourne's Royal Carlton Gardens and the Royal Melbourne Exhibition Centre (what a back drop).

Saturday, July 17, 2010

hackett luggage...

If you're a serious traveller, you need to invest in luggage to match. Hackett has teamed up with Globe-Trotter on a collection of hand-made, durable cases that are well worth checking in.
The best bit :: a lining in Prince of Wales check for the black Mayfair range, blue and white Bengal stripe for the navy London line and a Union Jack for the Aston Martin Racing set (in British Racing Green).
I need a piece for my next trip...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

bottega veneta furniture collection 2010...

On a recent trip to the U.S. I selected a new pair of sunglasses from Milan designer Bottega Veneta. I fell in love with the entire range, and only discovered today whilst flicking thru a old (2008) Monocle Magazine, that I have an entire range of Bottega Veneta furniture (2010 images featured) to ogle and obsess over.
AAAggggHhhh I can smell the leather...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

phorm interiors studio!!!

Here are some images of Phorm Interiors current studio in Brisbane, Queensland (Australia). We operate out of a cute, quirky Queensland workers cottage in inner city Brisbane.
A great place to work; a creative place that feels like home.
This is purely by design...our design and our intension.

Phorm Interiors, having recently grown with the addition of new staff and exciting new projects, sees the need for the expansion of our premises. We will post (very soon) drawings/plans of our NEW studio pod/extension.

Monday, July 12, 2010

the blunt umbrella...

The Blunt Umbrella by New Zealand designer Greig Brebner cleverly deals with the pointy (& potentially dangerous) end of the wet weather.

Cities and rain don’t go well together – something that Brebner found out when on working sabbatical in London. “The first day the rain arrived in London, it became obvious as to how prolific umbrellas are in a big city,” he explains. “I was quite astounded to find out how dangerous a mass of umbrellas can become with their sharp points at eye level.”

“For people to be so easily convinced that this design is a massive improvement on the old proves that this product has got huge potential.”

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

brisbane art(full)...jan manton arts' (latest)

The fortunate few :: (namely me) were recently offered a sneak peek @ Jan Manton Arts' latest collection.
I will not try to put in words the meaning behind the artist's (Ken Yonetani) vision for his latest works (07/07 to 31/07/2010), but offer feedback on the mouth-open gasps of gallery passerby's, staggered by what they saw.
This is a truly awesome, jaw dropping collection...
If you get a chance, pop over to JM art @ 59 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane .au
or phone +61 7 3844 0043.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

adding a 'Friend' to our collection...

Brisbane, Australia artist Ian Friend of the 'art bunker' collective, recently showed his latest collection @ Andrew Baker Art Dealer to a large, receptive & (wintery) cold crowd. We had to have 'Tracing the paths of memory 1' 2010 :: Indian ink, gouache & crayon, works on khardi paper. Photo close up and one with artist (Ian Friend).

Thursday, July 1, 2010

wish us luck...

Nothing like winning an award to up the mood...
Here is a poorly shot (iphone) photograph of our concept board, entered into The Resene Paints Total Colour Awards - 2010.
I hope we win our category!
I will keep you posted...