Wednesday, July 28, 2010

phorm interiors :: welcomes charlotte and mark

Phorm Interiors welcomes Charlotte Russell (Interior Designer) and Mark Nucifora (Design Assistant) to our team.

Who or what has influenced your style?
Charlotte Russell: Elements of Japanese and Danish design have definitely been great influences in my style. The simple, clean lines and use of textures and timber are what I gravitate towards. I enjoy including these elements in any design.
Mark Nucifora: I have been influenced by a number of trends and styles; such as :- European styles (French glamour and Italian rustic). I also enjoy urban and industrial design and styles from Melbourne .au and New York.

What designer of the past and present do you admire most?
CR: Past - Frank Lloyd Wright (Fallingwater house) Present - New Zealand Architects, Daniel Marshall and Fearon Hay
MN: Past - Frank Lloyd Wright and Achille Castiglioni Present Philippe Starck and Marcel Wanders (oh :: also the work of Phorm Interiors)

What are you excited about right now in the world of design?
CR: The move away from strict minimalism. I still enjoy seeing simple, clean spaces but I like it when they have a sense of being 'lived in' and include a range of eclectic textures.
MN: New pieces from Milan Furniture Fair :: Working with new 'Eco Friendly' materials :: Melbourne Indesign

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These guys are lucky to join your amazing team!