Wednesday, November 24, 2010

seasons greetings...

'it is when we give without expectation of return that we truly give'

As the year speeds to a close we would like to thanks our clients, suppliers and friends for making 2010 such a successful & enjoyable year.

We wish you all a spectacular 2011!

Phorm Interiors will be closed from Monday 20'th December 2010, reopening Monday 17'th January 2011.

Artwork by Krista Berga

australian national academy of music...

In previous years, Phorm Interiors has sent gifts and cards.
This year, we have instead decided to donate the christmas budget to 'The Australian National Academy of Music'.

The Australian National Academy of Music is the country's centre of excellence for music performance training. The Academy takes in from around Australia its most talented and highly trained young musicians, and sends out into the world artists with the musical skill, imagination and passion to make their voices heard.
Having consolidated its position in 2009, the Academy is now strongly placed to realise its vision of being one of the world's great music training academies.
In 2010 ANAM presented over 170 public events and performances.
It brought 61 international and Australian artists to South Melbourne to work with its 59 students and 15 members of the permanent Resident Faculty, in a training program that included over 2,500 individual lessons, 200 classes, and countless rehearsals and coaching sessions.

A donation to ANAM enables students to commence their ANAM journey by:
assisting interstate students in relocating to Melbourne; enabling the purchase of scores and sheet music for the music library; contributing to the 'Strings & Things' program, assisting in the maintenance of students' musical instruments.

A donation can be made via the ANAM website at:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

phorm's latest project::jan manton art

When Brisbane gallerist, Jan Manton, decided to move her established gallery from South Brisbane to a newly acquired space in Spring Hill, Phorm Interiors were engaged to assist with this major transition.

The objective for the move was to create a more intimate setting to meet her clients, immersing them in a very personal gallerist-collector experience.
Following a trend that has proven very popular with the 'arterati' of New York & London, Jan Manton invites the collector into a gallery, that is also her own home, to view both an exhibition space and subsequent stock room, enabling a wonderful, relaxed encounter with an artwork.

The first floor gallery and main exhibition space serves as a showcase for exhibitions by an ever-changing roster of artists, including luminaries such as Imants Tillers, Juan Ford, Dadang Christano & Judith Wright.
Phorm Interiors has designed a series of movable screens that are used to both contain the current art exhibition and offer a glimpse of stockroom works, hung on a racking system cunningly tucked behind the moveable screens.
This clever amalgamation of exhibition and storage space offers a flexible, stunning, dual-purpose gallery. The long exhibition hallway gives way to a more intimate, private space, offering a unique opportunity to see the artwork as it would be, enhancing that walls of a home.

Experiencing works in this way will offer inspiration and insight to the discerning collector, and the budding collector seeking guidance and reassurance.

Project Design: Ian Wrightson & Steven Stewart (Phorm Interiors)
Lighting Design: Darren Guyett (Euroluce) & Ian Wrightson (Phorm Interiors)
Joinery: Gavin Fook & Richard Yeowart (Dimensions by Design)
Builder & Project Management: Mark Gardner

Photography by Kylie Hood, featuring artworks by Imats Tillers, Henri Dono, Dadang Christano, Juan Ford, Janet Laurence & Joachim Froese.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Tacchini

We were recently handed a copy 'The Journal' by Tacchini , and I have not seen a product (branding/marketing) sales catalogue that comes close to it :: print heaven.
The paper stock, the size, the product staging...
I loved it so much that I have taken iphone images for your viewing pleasure.
The catalogue photography is by Andrea Ferrari

Monday, November 15, 2010

Under pressure...print-making exhibition

In celebration of the ‘original print’, this exhibition (titled Under Pressure) will showcase contemporary works by the artists of The Cerebral Palsy League’s Cascade Services.

With an emphasis on print-making; ‘Under Pressure' will encompass a range of interesting and unique printmaking techniques.

Phorm Interiors are proud supporters of Cascade Services...we will post images from this event proudly on upcoming blog entries.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Airstream - Grill'd and ready to go.

Australian company, Grill’d, have taken an American icon, the Airstream trailer, and converted it into a mobile kitchen, travelling the country to serve up their “old fashioned” fare on the road.

What a tasty delight for the eyes and the stomach...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

custom door...

Here are some images of a custom door in New Guinea Rosewood we have designed and had made for one of our renovation projects.
Installed yesterday!