Tuesday, November 23, 2010

phorm's latest project::jan manton art

When Brisbane gallerist, Jan Manton, decided to move her established gallery from South Brisbane to a newly acquired space in Spring Hill, Phorm Interiors were engaged to assist with this major transition.

The objective for the move was to create a more intimate setting to meet her clients, immersing them in a very personal gallerist-collector experience.
Following a trend that has proven very popular with the 'arterati' of New York & London, Jan Manton invites the collector into a gallery, that is also her own home, to view both an exhibition space and subsequent stock room, enabling a wonderful, relaxed encounter with an artwork.

The first floor gallery and main exhibition space serves as a showcase for exhibitions by an ever-changing roster of artists, including luminaries such as Imants Tillers, Juan Ford, Dadang Christano & Judith Wright.
Phorm Interiors has designed a series of movable screens that are used to both contain the current art exhibition and offer a glimpse of stockroom works, hung on a racking system cunningly tucked behind the moveable screens.
This clever amalgamation of exhibition and storage space offers a flexible, stunning, dual-purpose gallery. The long exhibition hallway gives way to a more intimate, private space, offering a unique opportunity to see the artwork as it would be, enhancing that walls of a home.

Experiencing works in this way will offer inspiration and insight to the discerning collector, and the budding collector seeking guidance and reassurance.

Project Design: Ian Wrightson & Steven Stewart (Phorm Interiors)
Lighting Design: Darren Guyett (Euroluce) & Ian Wrightson (Phorm Interiors)
Joinery: Gavin Fook & Richard Yeowart (Dimensions by Design)
Builder & Project Management: Mark Gardner

Photography by Kylie Hood, featuring artworks by Imats Tillers, Henri Dono, Dadang Christano, Juan Ford, Janet Laurence & Joachim Froese.

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