Thursday, July 24, 2008

triennale floor lamp

A favorite piece of 'mid-century' would have to be Gino Sarfatti's highly sought after floor lamp, Triennale.
This was originally designed for Italian manufacturer, Arteluce, and is a tri-cone pole lamp. The cones are often painted in bright or primary colours (of course... black or white is my preference) and the cones - and the arms they are mounted on - are fully adjustable.
Arteluce became part of the Flos family and the Triennale is no longer in production, however, designers such as David Weeks take great inspiration from this original design. 
(Tripod #303 by David Weeks is pictured below the Triennale)


editor said...

and David Weeks takes a lot of inspiration from Serge Mouille, sometimes more so a repro than inspiration.

Filipa said...

David Weeks is fantastic.
I bet you would like to have one of these pieces .

Molly said...

I have one of these - it has brown white and black lampshades, and leather on the handles. I am always thinking about selling it. Does anyone know how I would do that? Would I get what it is worth if I went through Ebay?

tanya said...

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