Thursday, October 30, 2008

chair ideas...

Fellow Brisbane Blogger, Viera, has so kindly given me some chair ideas for my 714 Cassina Table.
Thank you for the great ideas Viera, we are definitely on the same wave length.
I will eventually post my final decision.
Does anyone else have any ideas?
In the meantime - check out Viera's great blog!


viera said...

Thank you for the mention. Hope you find your perfect one.
There are plenty more on ( but I guess you already know them).There are I think 3-4 more I would love with your table (from Dalsegno and Malina italian range)
Have a great weekend

Mary Telfer Holden said...

I love the all of the chairs, but I'd vote for the one with the chrome arms.

Thanks for the interesting blog!


PHORM Interiors said...

Hi Viera
Thanks for your chair ideas.
I'm sure your just like us at the moment - frantic and counting down the weeks to Christmas holidays!

PHORM Interiors said...

Thanks Mary!
Your collie dog is beautiful! How many do you have?