Friday, November 7, 2008

flux interiors...

Its been a long week at Phorm this week. 
I thought I would post a start to the weekend with a fantastic interior by UK based Flux Interiors.
Apparently the client's brief was to make the interior 'as non frumpy as possible', so 'that when the neighbours peek in they may want to call the police'.
I think the taxidermy zebra, the 25 foot mural of Mao and the brilliant 'Iraqi' Coffee Table absolutely fulfils this brief.
Wishing everyone a great weekend!


qerat said...

I have seen this house before and loved it. I think there is a statue of the Pope somewhere under the stairs too !!

PHORM Interiors said...

I love it too!!! In fact I find ALL their work totally inspiring - and yes Pope John Paul II sits life-size in wax under the stairs.