Tuesday, January 13, 2009

cuckoo for coconuts...

Heres to hoping that everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday!
We spent our break relaxing in Hawaii and are ready for our first day back in the office - although I'm not sure how I will go without my afternoon nap... 
We have an exciting 2009 planned and can't wait to get started.
The images are from Conn Brattain and John Giodarni's house on Maui. 
They also have a fantastic blog, Cuckoo for Coconuts.


Dale said...

Wow looks cheerful! I'm jealous.

Conn said...

Thanks for the post. Just stumbled on your blog when I did a search for ours. We love your posts and are honored to be included.
Hope you a had a great time here in Hawai'i.

PHORM Interiors said...

Hi Conn
Thanks for the comments.
I love your house (and blog), you really have managed to incorporate "Aloha Spirit" into the design.
We had a great time in Hawai'i and are regular visitors every year.
Look forward to keeping up to date with whats going on through your blog - its a fantastic read!