Tuesday, January 12, 2010

wow...light emitting wallpaper

Jonas Samson is a young designer from the Netherlands. He has invented the ultimate in home illumination – light emitting wallpaper.The wallpaper is constructed by "sandwiching" a number of layers together that combine to produce light. The back layer is a silver-based solution that conducts electricity, while the layer above this contains phosphorous pigments that light up. On top of this is a flexible, transparent ITO conductor layer, with regular wallpaper placed on top to act as the final, outwardly visual layer. When switched on, is a visually stunning wall-of-light that can be turned off and on, just like a regular light. A must-have for those who can afford it...after all we have bespoke custom furniture, designer products to suit all tastes and budgets, why not wallpaper that light up.

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