Thursday, January 27, 2011

queensland floods::support brisbane

It has been a very difficult and emotional start to 2011.

Watching the floods unfold felt surreal as we saw the devastation that was wreaked upon our city.

To all those people who have been affected, our thoughts are with you.

Thank you to all of our clients, friends & business associates who have made contact with us to enquire on our well-being. Thankfully, no-one at Phorm Interiors have been directly affected, however each one of us have had the floods touch the lives of people we care about.

A lot of businesses in Brisbane are doing it tough, so please support Brisbane and buy locally.

At Phorm Interiors we are committed to supporting our local manufacturers, suppliers and tradespeople.

We ask you to share this commitment alongside us.

Image by Nicholas O'Donnell

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Carolina Eclectic said...

Hi guys, long time no write!
I'm so glad to hear you are well:)