Friday, February 25, 2011

welcome sarah robottom to our team...

We would like to welcome Sarah Robottom to our team at Phorm Interiors.
Sarah is a 2010 QUT Graduate in Interior Design and we are very excited to have an Honors student in our mix!
Sarah also comes to us after a 1 year stint at Allen Jack + Cottier Architects.

Who or what has influenced your style?

Design, as I have experienced it, is largely a collaborative experience. Style seems to me to be the result of solving design problems elegantly, and if that is a collaborative exercise, I would say that my peers have influenced me most.

What designer of the past or present do you admire most?

Whilst studying a tutor referred me to the work of Geoffrey Bawa. Though his focus is design for tropical environments, there are some valuable lessons in his work that can be applied in the Brisbane context. His work is also beautiful to look at...

What are you excited about right now in the world of design?

The opportunities that the sustainability crisis presents, and the shift towards warmer incarnations of minimalism.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent good luck Sarah. Looking forward to meeting you and seeing what you bring to this awesome company.
Claire Stanic