Saturday, November 17, 2007

let there be light - part 1

I adore rainy weekends - like today. Its a time for re-reading favorite novels and watching DVD's on the couch, afternoon naps and generally soaking in the ambience.
Of course, this mood and atmosphere can be created any time of the week with AMBIENT LIGHTING.
Ambient light is similar to the soft and even light of an overcast or cloudy day.
It is achieved, architecturally, by reflecting light off the walls with ceiling or floormounted wall washers and decoratively, with standard lamps and large diffusing shades casually dotted around the room.
The top image features the limited edition 18 carat gold plated Lounge Gun by Philippe Starck in a PHORM project.
The middle image is the stunning 'Anenome' table lights by Melbourne's Hermon and Hermon (available from PHORM Interiors) and the bottom image is the 1994 Rosy Angelis, again designed by Philippe Starck.

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