Saturday, November 17, 2007

take me away...

I love living in Brisbane, Australia but occasionally my thoughts will stray to where I would possibly rather be and this weekend it is The Hotel Particulier De Montmartre, Paris
Hiding in the heart of the historical, artistic and night-club haven of Montmartre in Paris, it is the most fabulous example of a hotel combining drama, surprise, luxury and comfort.
The owners commissioned well known artists, designers, sculptors and architects to create an intimate five-room hotel filled with atmosphere and charm.
One of the distinctive rooms is the “vegetable room” which evokes hanging gardens, trees, sunlight and shadow.
From every window, residents can view the luscious and intimate garden; did I mention it’s located in the city of lights.
Perhaps I could drive past Park Road, Milton and catch a glimpse of mini Eiffel tower this afternoon.
No that would just be sad…Steven


Anonymous said...

Driving past Milton would be sad, hang onto the real memories. Where would you stay if you went to New York? Lisa

PHORM Interiors said...

dear (lisa) would appear that you are familiar with the brisbane (queensland, australia) landmarks (we also have the big pineapple and the big cow) and yes, I will promise to hang on to real memories. i will have a answer to the question of accom new york (so many choices) to you and the worldwide masses (haha) next week. regards, steven