Tuesday, November 20, 2007

let there be light - part 2

Alright...You have probably already guessed that I have a thing for lighting...and as we all get older, its probably not a bad obsession...
On a lighting plan my favorite thing to experiment with is DOWNLIGHTING.
Downlighting is similar to the light received at midday on a cloudless day and it results in intense shadows.
Architecturally, downlighting can be ceiling mounted or recessed.
Ceiling spots are probably the best (if not completely overused) example.
Decoratively, pendants are the go.
The best thing about pendants is that they lower the perceived height of the ceiling through light and shadow. This is great over dining tables, creating intimate space.
The top image is from a PHORM project and features a dramatic chandelier. The middle image features some really effective downlighting over a kitchen bench (also a PHORM project). The last image features one of my favorite pendants, the Fucsia 1 from Flos, designed by Achille Castiglioni. This looks great in multiples over a kitchen bench. Ian

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