Saturday, February 9, 2008

amazing home theatre...amazing home

This home has to win the prize for Coolest Home Theatre category.
Forget those basement/underground darkened rooms filled with stale air.
This is just the ticket for relaxed outdoor fun...
As a child I had an uncle who worked as a projectionist @ a drive in cinema.
Often he would get (not sure if he borrowed with or without permission) latest released films and show them on 6 x white sheets lovingly tacked to the back of our home.
Great evenings sitting out back with family and neighbours, who of course all bought a plate. True story; during the viewing of the Posiedon Adventure the weather turned nasty and we (all 25 of us) very quickly rushed inside to get out of the wet.
The weather didn't however stop that boat turning over as we watched the ship move along walls, up hallways and down stairs only stopping when the remaining passenegrs finally saw daylight. What fun!!!
By the way, the rest of this house is spectacular...wouldn't you agree.

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Home Theatre said...

Wow I'm almost speechless after seeing all the amazing pictures of this home theatre. And yes, you are right, this should win not just the coolest Home Theatre but also the most amazing and well-designed home theatre