Thursday, February 21, 2008

PHORM a weekend in Sydney...

working...Sydney Gift Fairs (yikes!!!)

playing...lunch timeMISSION RESTAURANT & BAR - CHIPPENDALE 3 Little Queen Street Chippendale Sydney

Dinner: Toko 490 Crown St, Surry Hills, Sydney. "The food starts arriving; first the sushi and sashimi, followed rapidly by the crabs. All three are excellent, the sushi a satisfying explosion of flavours, the sashimi meltingly fresh. The tiny crabs are crispy but not oily, the wasabi mayonnaise kindly subtle". writes Elizabeth Meryment

staying...The Diamant, Kings Cross Road - Potts Point Sydney .au (courtyard suite)


Carolina Eclectic said...

Looks fabulous! My husband and I have always talked about visiting Australia. I don't know when that will ever happen, but hopefully some day. It be so fun to meet all of my Australian blogger friends.

Anonymous said...

And what a weekend it was...... It was good to catch up with you both. Heard that the gift fair was just ok but it's always good to see wants out there on the market, especially for up and coming jobs. it's not just the food that's good......the cocktails are the main attraction for me!
Anthony Gray