Tuesday, February 12, 2008

a dogs breakfast...

I came across Vancouver's  Opus Hotel via Dale's Hospitality Design Inspirations (thanks Dale) and besides being a stunning hotel with great bathrooms they offer a Dogs (Bed and) Breakfast Special.
'He fetches, barks and loves you unconditionally. What have you done for your dog recently? (OK, apart from the costly raw diet, daily visits to doggie day care and monthly trips to the urban pet spa). From the doghouse to the Penthouse, pamper your pooch with 'a dog's breakfast' package. Package includes a night in a stylish guestroom, hearty Yalestown breakfast for two, plus doggie treats, toys, plush pet bed and a complimentary copy of Modern Dog magazine. We'll even provide the earplugs if Spot Snores.
After a restful nights sleep, sneak out and enjoy breakfast in Elixir so you can let your sleeping dog lie (in).'

Our dogs are so spoilt they would probably complain about the thread counts...

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Dale said...

No problem!

It truly is a great hotel. And I live only 1 block away from it. I should stay overnight sometime just for the fun of it...and I can take my dogs too!